What are some of the benefits of dental implants for patients?
With dental implants, Greenwood Village patients get a safe and predictable replacement option for missing teeth. Not only do they look natural, but they feel natural as well. After getting dental implants, Greenwood Village patients often report an increase in their appetite and ability to taste food. Furthermore, dental implants also improve your cosmetic appearance by rebuilding your smile and preserving the facial structure. In short, by choosing dental implants, Greenwood Village patients are choosing to improve their quality of life.
What makes a good candidate for dental implants?
Almost anybody can be a candidate for dental implants in Greenwood Village. However, there are some exceptions. Small children with undeveloped jaw bones and patients with certain illnesses may be at risk. Discuss any medical conditions with your doctor to be sure you are eligible.
Is there a high success rate with dental implants?
Dental implant surgery is successful 97% of the time. In cases where the implant does not integrate with the bone, we will place the implant in a slightly different location.
What kind of maintenance is required for dental implants?
There is no special maintenance required for dental implants. Greenwood Village patients simply need to brush and floss daily. Periodic checkups and professional cleanings are also recommended.
What if I do not choose dental implants?
Without dental implants, Greenwood Village patients will experience a gradual but steady deterioration of the facial structure. Signs of aging will become apparent and activities like eating and speaking become difficult. It is important to replace missing teeth as soon as possible to avoid these complications.