Implant Supported Dentures

When using dentures supported by dental implants, patients can avoid all of the complications that come with traditional dentures. This is because implant supported dentures are anchored within the jawbone so issues such as slippage, loose fit, and bone deterioration can be avoided. While implant supported dentures can be placed in either the upper or lower jaw, they are most often placed in the lower jaw where the need for stability is greatest. Implant supported dentures are held steadily in place, however, they can also be removed at will so that regular cleaning and maintenance is pain free. Currently, there are two main types of implant supported dentures available to patients:

Bar retained dentures: This type of implant supported dentures uses a metal bar that is custom designed to fit the curve of your jaw. The bar is then attached to the implants and your dentures are attached to the bar using clips or some other form of attachment.

Ball retained dentures: These implant supported dentures utilize a ball and socket method to hold themselves in place. Usually, the dental implants are fitted with ball like attachments to correspond to the sockets found on the dentures. These implant supported dentures are generally considered most stable.

Using these methods, implant supported dentures can be held in place without the use of pastes or adhesives. Patients can snap their dentures in and out of place at will, making activities such as eating or speaking as simple as with natural teeth. Although most people are eligible to receive dental implants, not everyone is. To find out if you are a candidate for implant supported dentures, contact Dr. Adam Weaver to schedule a consultation today.