Geriatric Dentistry, an important field of dentistry that can meet your needs uniquely, is an important tool in treating seniors in the dental office. Only you can help your dentist understand your situation well, and inform them so they may give you the best treatment possible. Here are 5 things your dentist needs to know to give you accurate helpful treatment.

Health History

Sharing your health history with your dentist can give them a picture of anything that may have impacted your oral health, and how to help you work with your current health condition. If you’re unsure of how the two interact, let your dentist know what concerns you have, and ask them how to handle them.

Medication List

Sharing information on what medication you take, at which dosages can help your dentist to know what may have an effect on your oral health, since symptoms or side effects such as dry mouth can make tooth decay more likely. Talk to your dentist about your medications, their side effects, and how to prioritize your oral health under those circumstances. This is one of the most important things your dentist needs to know.

Dental History

One of the more common things your dentist needs to know, whether they are a geriatric dentist or another type of dental provider, is your general dental history. Sharing your dental history with your dentist can give them a clearer picture of how to treat you, and what your overall oral health looks like.

Specific Concerns or Needs

If you have specific concerns or needs, let your dentist know. This helps them work with you where you are at while you are in the office. Let them know if there is any way they can make you more comfortable.

Caregiver Information

Although this is not on the required list of things your dentist needs to know, it can be helpful to let your Dentist know who your regular caregivers are, if you have any, and what kind of role they play in your medical and dental decision making. This can make it easier for your dentist and you to have anyone else you want in the loop, included in any discussions you may have.

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