Thankfully, with advances in dentistry, it isn’t always assumed that adults over 65 are going to have dentures. It is actually more likely that 75% of adults in that age bracket retain their own teeth. So, how can you keep your mouth young and healthy?

The Classics are Still, Well, Classic

Brushing, flossing, drinking plenty of water, and avoiding sugary or acidic foods still apply as much as ever. Adults above 65 are more at risk for tooth decay than school children, so impeccable dental hygiene can be helpful for oral health. As aging continues, gum lines may begin receding, which opens up the base of the teeth for cavities or gum disease. So as always don’t let up on oral hygiene. If you are suffering from arthritis or other issues which may make it difficult to hold and manipulate a toothbrush, going electric can be a wise decision that saves you much grief and frustration.

The Periodontist

With age, comes higher risk for gum disease. Don’t be afraid to see a periodontist, a specialist in the soft tissues of the mouth, to keep your mouth young and healthy! This can be helpful if you are dealing with symptoms of gum disease, as your periodontist can give you strategies or ideas for keeping your gums and your mouth young and healthy!

Keep it Comfortable!

Drinking plenty of water, and prioritizing eating foods that encourage good hydration can be very important to encourage production of saliva, one element of your mouth that can help hold off those pesky cavities and keep your mouth young. Drinking water often can go a long way towards this. Check with your dentist about other things that may be affecting your saliva production, since some medicines can do this, and make it just a little more difficult.

Be Diligent!

Consistent oral hygiene is one important ingredient in keeping your mouth young and healthy. Regular brushing and flossing, as always, are the body’s best defense against cavities!

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