How to Prevent Dry Mouth

Dry mouth can be caused by a variety of factors, but no matter the cause, dry mouth can increase your risk of tooth decay. So how can you prevent dry mouth, or find a way to alleviate the impact of dry mouth?

Be Careful What You Eat

Caffeine can exacerbate dry mouth, as can alcohol, even in mouth washes. Both can impact how hydrated your body is, contributing to dehydration, which can greatly affect dry mouth symptoms. Choosing beverages that hydrate and refresh you may help your attempts to prevent dry mouth.

If you can, try to avoid dry mouth causing foods or beverages such as coffee, soda, alcohol, or tobacco. Try also to avoid energy drinks, soft drinks, and sweetened tea. These won’t help either. Cool clean water goes a long way when it comes to your dental health.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Using items such as Sugar Free Gum to encourage saliva production, or dental products containing Xylitol, can help. Mouthwashes designed for dry mouth can also contain xylitol and be a useful way to prevent further issues, and discourage tooth decay.

If your dry mouth is an ongoing problem, talk to your dentist about saliva substitutes, and which kind is most likely to help you.

Drink Often, Drink Well

Sipping water regularly can help clear debris and food off your teeth, and help with saliva production. Dehydration can contribute to dry mouth, as saliva will be produced less. Drinking water often, and drinking enough of it can help prevent dry mouth.

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